DIY: Our Vision Board

Hello familia!

It has been a minute since we have posted a blog as we’ve been soaring through the holiday season and somehow still trying to recover from our big vacation. During our trip, we took a lot of time to reflect and share our hearts with one another about the rollercoaster year we’ve had so far as well as some long-term and short-term goals. Being that this year is coming to an end, we wanted to share how we went about creating our very first vision board. We were a little hesitant to share pictures of our actual vision board because it's very personal, but we really wanted you to visualize how great this could actually be (P.S Total disclosure - having kids is a LONGGGG term goal for us! Talking to our moms here who got super excited to see babies on our board).

The purpose of the vision board was to put pen to paper about our desires, and then creating something visual from it so we can actively pray about our plans and also take action instead of just dreaming.The first thing I recommend before you even buy a board is to sit down together with a pen, some paper, a bible, and put on some worship music. Before we even started to talk specifics, we sat down and prayed together. We shared our hearts with one another, cried with one another, and praised God together. We shared scripture and talked about how much God has blessed us, and we were just overwhelmed with the spirit of thanksgiving.

Once we set the foundation, we started talking. Here are the lists we put together:

1) Things we’ve accomplished this year personally (fitness goals, financial stability, learning a new hobby or skill, overcoming your fears)

2) Things we’ve accomplished this year professionally (starting our business, learning new skills, broadening our product lines, events, etc).

3) Goals for the rest of the year (Make these challenging but realistic)

4) “Ideas” brain dump – This is literally just a quick brainstorming session on ideas of things you want to do, learn, accomplish (short term and long term)

5) Create a vision statement for your marriage

6) Talk about what you want for your future and create three different lists, one for your marriage and one for each one of you.

Once we put together these lists, here are the supplies we gathered:

· White board

· Glue sticks

· Scissors

· Glitter

· Markers

· Two magazines and the journal/paper with your lists


1) Begin by going through a couple old magazines and cutting out things that relate to your vision for your marriage and individually. Make sure they are healthy goals and not unrealistic ones that are only going to make you self-conscious.

2) If there are items that you couldn’t find in a magazine, just pull them off the interwebs and print them out.

3) Decorate your board as you choose – We just did some hand lettering and a glitter background (Because glitter is AMAZING)

4) Add your vision statement as the focal point of your board.

5) Glue all your magazine/printed photos onto the white board as you please – we did this in collage style.

6) Hang this up in your bedroom or somewhere in your home where it is easily accessible and ya’ll can see it, pray over it, and talk about it frequently.

Our accomplishments, goals, visions are constantly changing so Adam and I intend on doing a new one early next year. We honestly really enjoyed doing this exercise together, and putting the board together just ensured that we would not forget about taking action.

I know at times these types of exercises can seem trivial and time consuming, but can I just hold your hand for a minute and speak truth to you? It’s SO important to take time with your spouse. Not only to take a step back and give thanks to the Lord for how far you’ve come, but also to reflect as a team on how you’re going to do more, be better, and love each other more.

If you do a vision board, please share with us! We’d love to see what creations you put together.

Many blessings this Christmas season,

Adam and Kristine