Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate!

Christmas is almost here and Adam and I become like kids during this time of year. We just love all the cliche holiday goodness. That being said - We live in Florida where it literally feels like summer almost all year round, sooooo we must find creative ways to bring christmas to our home.

We will be sharing some of our recipes and activities, one of them being our infamous slow cooker hot chocolate. I've seen a couple videos surface of this since crock pots have become all the rage this past year (it's just so easy!)... bUt, none of the recipes I've seen have quite compared (slightly biased, but I promise you'll understand why).

Here are the ingredients to gather:

3/4 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips

3/4 cup of milk chocolate chips

1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 cup of granulated sugar

1 tsp. of vanilla extract

1 cup of irish coffee creamer

6 cups of milk

1 bag of small & fluffy marshmallows

to make the hot chocolate, dump all the ingredients except the marshmallows into your slow cooker and crank it to low for 2-3 hours.

When you're ready to serve it, inside the crock pot put in a layer of marshmallows over the top and let it get gooey for about 15 minutes before serving it.

The biggest difference in our hot cocoa is that we 1) use milk chocolate chips AND semi sweet chips (mostly because we love our hot beverages nice and sweet), and 2) we use irish cream instead of standard heavy cream. It adds so much flavor, it tastes like you added a dash of baileys into your hot chocolate.

we hope you enjoy this recipe! If you made it, please share with friends and share pics in the comments!

Love y'all and merry Christmas,