My Curly Hair Routine

Hi friends! I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my hair as of late, so I thought it be best to share my process in hopes that it’ll help someone out there crazy frustrated with their curls.

I made a quick video highlighting my curly hair routine and the steps I follow, you can see that below.

Here’s a list of products I use and where to buy them. Keep in mind, you can also purchase many of these products at a salon that specializes in curly hair at a much lower price AND in general these products will last you months (I only buy twice a year):

DevaCurl low-poo shampoo original:

DevaCurl One Condition Original:

DevaCurl B-Leave in:

DevaCurl frizz Free volumizing foam:

OGX kukui oil:

Here’s the salon I go to (based in Miami):

And my blow dryer and diffuser:

Here are the top 10 rules I abide by:

1. Try to stick to 2 washes a week max. You more you wash your hair, the more you’re stripping it of necessary moisture.

2. Make sure your hair is plenty wet when you apply product.

3. Never towel twist your hair. Your towel should only be used to scrunch excess water after putting in product.

4. When you go to sleep, either leave your hair loose or if you must pick it up - use the pineapple method.

5. Avoid picking up or pulling back your hair. When you do, try to keep ponytails loose or use bobby pins to pin back. The more you pick up or pull back your hair, the more breakage and damage you’re causing.

6. Don’t waste money on dry shampoo, use baby powder on your roots on oily days.

7. Shampoo only your roots, condition only your ends.

8. A little product goes a long way.

9. Stay away from products with alcohol that will overdry your hair like gel or mousse.

10. Embrace the mane.

My curly hair routine:

1. Shampoo: Use a dime size of shampoo and work into your roots only with your fingertips. The low poo shampoo isn’t very foamy so don’t be tempted to use a lot of shampoo. Repeat this step to make sure your scalp is clean.

2. Conditioner: Part your hair in 2 parts, and work in a quarter size into each part. Focus on the bottom half of your hair and do not apply to your roots. Clip or tie your hair up to let the conditioner sit while you shower. 3. Detangle and rinse:Keep a comb or brush in the shower. When you’re ready to rinse your conditioner, run your hair under the shower and work on detangling it. This is the ONLY time you should be brushing your hair.

4. B-leave in: Keep your products in the shower to apply them while your hair is still wet. Flip your hair down and apply the B-leave in, use dime size product. A little goes a long way. Once that’s in, squeeze excess water from your hair.

5. Volumizing foam: keeping your hair flipped down, use 3-4 pumps of the foam and start scrunching it into your hair.

6. Towel dry: Use a towel to scrunch the remaining excess water from your hair. Do not towel twist your hair, it should be wetter than usual.

7. Air dry or diffuse: At this point you can either air dry your hair or use a diffuser. A diffuser will generally give you more defined curls. To diffuse, put your blow dryer on a high and warm setting. If your blow dryer only allows hot or cold, use it hot on a low setting. Scrunch and diffuse until your hair is 80% dry.

8. Kukui oil: for flyaways and frizz, use a couple sprays of kukui oil to tame and set your hair.

Hope this helps! I’d love to hear your tips, tricks, and feedback as we all learn to #embracethecurls together.

All my love,