Our new blog

Writing has always been a powerful form of expression for me, so when I started tweaking bits and pieces of our website and trying to salvage our blog - no matter how many times I changed it - It just didn't feel quite right.

Marked by Grace turned 2 years old in January, and they were full of uncertainty and difficulty for us. Logically you'd think we'd want to move on and forget about it, but for some reason I've had such a hard time closing that chapter. I think it's because those couple years of struggle really molded us and forced us to grow into who we are today, and we felt called to share it all in absolute vulnerability to help someone, ANYONE, know that they can claim victory in the struggle too. I'm so grateful for that season because we walked through it with tremendous faith and I firmly believe God honored that.

Now... well now, we're in a season of harvest. The blessings have been pouring in and we've turned a new leaf in our business, our marriage, our finances, and our health. Despite how easy it would be to take credit especially considering how hard working we are, we choose to rightfully acknowledge God's hand it in it all and live in the spirit of gratitude. For those currently walking in a season of hardship, may I encourage you to 1) not forget that those in the harvest also had to sow patiently, 2) never compare your beginning to someone else's middle, and 3) lean on Jesus. Envy is not a good look on anyone, and comparison will only take your eyes off your path, which ultimately is the only path you should be concerned with.

That being said, I think it's finally time to start fresh friend, and that's where this blog comes in. This new blog will be full of encouragement, quick reads to help motivate and inspire you, recipes, projects, itineraries, marriage, and more. I'm keeping some of our old stuff on here because I would never want to take away our story and risk stripping away helpful history.

We hope you'll read our posts and feel that someone out there understands, cares, and more importantly: wants so badly for you to get out of your own way so you can live your best life. That and that we're like the coolest BFFs you've ever had, because we happen to think we're pretty stinkin' fun (but mostly dorky).

We love ya'll and we're rooting for you.


Kristine and Adam